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ShiftPoetry™ was co-created by Howard Kern and Barbara Ligeti. Howard invented a writing technology which has proven to enhance one’s life. It is therapeutic and elevating and fun!

In the last year Howard has written nearly 1,500 heart based, non ego driven, “restorative poems” about anything “bothering him.” With this method he easily goes from dark to light, from unhappy to joyous, from confused to aware. Included in these poems are many that celebrate life, promote gratitude, and convey his ongoing daily unfolding of greater happiness!

Barbara Ligeti started coaching Howard into writing a book about his work. His desire too was to publish some of these poems - both as literature and as instructive work. Early on he invited Barbara to co-author, and together they branded ShiftPoetry™ and started holding workshops in Los Angeles in April of 2018. Since then they have traveled to Massachusetts, and New York (both upstate and NYC) - to cities in California including San Francisco and Santa Barbara. Barbara took ShiftPoetry™ to Wellington, New Zealand, where she has taken folks for journeys she calls "Waiheke Awakenings,” named for the small island off the coast of Auckland, NZ, where she sometimes hangs her hat. There will be ShiftPoetry™ workshops in Auckland, Waiheke, and Wellington in 2019.

Howard and Barbara presented ShiftPoetry™ in Hydra, Greece, while participating in Sacred Earth Journeys' Winter Writers’ Retreat in Greece facilitated by Phil Cousineau. It is there that Howard completed a memoir monograph, which Barbara edited, titled WALKING WITH KERRY…HOW TWO MEN FORGED A BROTHERLY LOVE WHILE PICKING UP POOP. There, too, Barbara created a new edition of her book for the pilates and yoga communities titled THE POWER OF YAWN.

Howard and Barbara will travel to spread ShiftPoetry™ in workshops and seminars, and they are beginning a training program this winter to develop a family of ShiftPoetry™ facilitators.

Howard Kern  

HOWARD KERN is a transformational poet, yogi, and teacher of his beloved practice of “writing himself well.” He is an inspirational speaker and hosts open mic nights in Los Angeles to give people the opportunity to share their talents.

He is co-authoring his first two books – “ShiftPoetry” and “IMPROVE YOUR LIFE … ONE STANZA AT A TIME” with partner Barbara Ligeti - both books due out in the Fall of 2018.

His favorite readings have come from Anita Moorjani, Sue Grafton, and David Rosenfeld.

Howard is also a corporate attorney, family man, and deeply engaged friend to many – in ever widening circles.

Barbara Ligeti  

BARBARA LIGETI has been a performer, spokesperson, writer, producer and director in various media. She is a holistic health counselor certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. At Columbia Teachers College, along with her double major in psychology and theatre, she was trained as a corporate and private coach. She is a master pilates, meditation, and yoga teacher (in Iyengar and Kundalini).

Her coaching writers has resulted in internationally acclaimed one man shows (e.g. RIDING THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS WITH BILLY HAYES), successful books (e.g. NY Times Best Seller, NEGROLAND, A MEMOIR by Margo Jefferson) as well as product in film and television.

Barbara lives to help folks to be heard, seen, and appreciated. She is all about community and collaboration. See