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Come with a pen and pad and an open heart. 

– meditate

– get prompted to write for 10 minute sprints,

– read out loud to share and “let go”

– and we say “thank you” for sharing – it’s revelatory and fun!!

“For us poetry is writing without rules to ‘shift’ to a better place.
This is not a writing workshop – it’s a self expression workshop.
Anything you write is perfect – or at least perfectly imperfect.”

from co-creator of ShiftPoetry™ Howard Kern 


Up next:  Two Thanksgiving Holiday ShiftPoetry Sessions

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Click here to see excepts from “Gratitude and Gravy”
ShiftPoetry Thanksgiving 2020

ShiftPoetry prompted greeting cards
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“Boxers or Briefs?
Tidy whiteys or a lacy thong?
It used to be a guessing game you might play in a bar.
Now the choice is made before sitting down at the computer.
Zoom call attire required only from the waist up.”

 This excerpt is from one of many poems in the second volume from the ShiftPoetry™ Series, Poetry without Pants, Written When Nobody’s Looking, a must-have for anyone stuck at home during the pandemic, isolated and separated, conducting business, having meetings, celebrating graduations, and attending proms and weddings over Zoom. This collection of spontaneous poetry is an “off-camera, sometimes off-color” look at what lurks behind the screen and below the desk.



Poetry Without Pants and ShiftPoetry in the Time of Covid-19

              $30 together (a $40 Value) plus shipping and handling

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