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For the rest of 2020 we are offering Zoom workshops as follows:

Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you’ve had breast cancer, if you have it,
if someone you care for has it, or if it is simply a concern,
please join us for this Workshop
Tuesday, October 20th, 1:30- 3:30pm PST (4:30-6:30pm EST)

Honoring  Movember (No Shave November) –
Men’s Cancer Awareness Month

If prostate cancer is in your life – come to this workshop
Tuesday, November 10th, 4-6pm PST (7-9pm EST)

Thanksgiving Prep Workshop

“No one dishes it out like family” –
Let’s talk about Gratitude and Gravy –
Celebrating Thanksgiving in the Time of Covid-19

Wednesday, November 17th, 4-6pm PST (7-9pm EST)

Shine a New Light on the Holidays

Getting into the Holiday Spirit
in the Time of Covid-19

Thursday, December 3rd, 4-6PM PST (7-9pm EST)

Good-Bye 2020, Hello 2021

Prep for a New Year and a New Beginning
Tuesday, December 16th, 4-6pm PST (7-9pm EST)

To enroll, text your name and email address to 310-800-0440
or email your RSVP to

You will then be sent a Zoom link.
Workshops are Free but Donations are appreciated.
Please feel free to donate through Venmo – @Barbaraligeti.

Recent in-person workshops:


New York City

Weekend of March 7th, 2020

(Mar Vista)

Sunday, March 15th, 2020


ShiftPoetry™ workshops consist of:

1. Meditation lead by Ligeti to “settle in and settle down” and to create a safe and loving supportive space to pursue the work.

2. Prompts generated and delivered by Kern – to inform “sprint writing” at ten minute intervals.

3. After writing – participants read aloud to the group. Because Kern’s prompts are designed to open the heart and leave the ego behind, much of what is written can be intimate and powerful. We say “what happens in ShiftPoetry™ stays in ShiftPoetry™. By the way much of what is written is exciting and fun.

4. On reading one’s work, the group then thanks the writer as we move on to the next participant. There are no critiques about the writing itself and no comments about content. We say that anything we write is perfect. Kern adds “perfectly imperfect” as a goal.

5. After we all share writings we have more cycles of writing and sharing. There may be surprise writing moments and word games to enliven the process.

6. After we are done there is ample opportunity to process what one has written and revealed – largely to self – both with Kern and Ligeti and with the group if that is desirable.

7. ShiftPoetry™ was initiated less than two years ago and in that period the process has helped so many people to heal, make positive life changes, heart based decisions that have had great personal affect.

And – for those who are professional writers or long to write to be published – their work is beautifully informed by this process. One of our ShiftPoetry™ regulars is having his first book of poetry published later this year. Others have enhanced their body of work.

Note that once you write in the room – spontaneously and without “correcting” or feeling self-conscious – you own your words and can tailor them for public consumption or publication. We have had ShiftPoetry™ participants seed books, one man shows, other forms of theatrical or literary writing.

But mostly we have had remarkable feedback about what fun and value the process brings into our lives. Jay Levin, creator of the highly respected LA WEEKLY has called this work “a most valuable tool for work and life.” ShiftPoetry™ has been called “a freeing experience” which fills any room with “generosity, love and community.”


For more information/questions, call or text
Barbara Ligeti


Check back here or contact Barbara for locations and future deals.

We want everyone to practice ShiftPoetry™ to find true self, peace, prosperity and happiness.You can copyright your poems and publish them on our website if you wish.

We also provide coaching for all kinds of writing, publishing, performing, seeing your work go from page to book, stage, screen, lecture circuit. You can write lyrics, copy, mix words with other media from art to movement.

ShiftPoetry™ began hosting seminars and workshops in Mar Vista, CA in April of 2018. Since then we have presented in Massachusetts, in New York State and City, in Los Angeles, Wellington, New Zealand, Hydra, Greece, on the road in Vietnam – and are open to traveling anywhere to help you to “improve your life one stanza at a time™” with ShiftPoetry™.  We have a training program for facilitators.

*Note- – new price structure for 2020 will include monthly rates as well as one time rates and first time discount. Some scholarships available.