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ShiftPoetry™ Press is proud to release EMERGENCE – A WOMAN’S LIFE THROUGH POETRY AND MOTION by Susan Cambigue Tracey.

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by Twesigya Jackson Kaguri

Sitwe Joseph – a nine year old AIDS orphan, a child of pandemic culture, is not phased by lingering Covid-19.  Instead he educates his friends, family, and community, as to how to deal with this latest rampant potentially uncontrollable virus.

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Jackson Kaguri, creator of what started out in affect as AIDS Orphanage Nyaka in his native Uganda, mines his younger self, mixed with youngsters his organization is helping to thrive – and a young voice emerges that is warm, informative, positive, aspirational, and life affirming.  Sitwe Joseph, a great storyteller,  runs with friends, most notable a little girl his age named Patience Mariza, creating a world that is book series worthy and dare we say the substance of a powerful colorful educational program and television series in the tradition of Dora the Explorer.

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High Praise for Sitwe Joseph Fights Covid

Sitwe Joseph Fights Covid is the story of a young boy’s experience of the pandemic in rural Uganda and his determination to realise his dreams. Follow Sitwe and his friends as they navigate the challenges of school closures and learn about how to protect themselves and their families from Covid-19. Alongside sadness and loss, Sitwe and his friends discover strength and new opportunities as they teach their communities how to stay safe. The pandemic has affected us all; Sitwe’s community finds comfort and solidarity through participation in the Nyaka run, joining runners in New York and Kampala, as Uganda begins to move forward, reopening schools and reducing restrictions on daily life. This is Kaguri’s fifth children’s book and the third featuring Sitwe Joseph. It offers both an insight into the experience of Covid-19 from the perspective of a child in rural Uganda, and shares a sense of hope and agency as readers see how Sitwe is able to positively influence the lives of others, whilst staying true to his own dream of an education and a brighter future.”

Gayle Clifford, PhD Author of My Mama, the Queen: A story about HIV

“Jackson brings Covid’s threat of death to life among young children, even as they devise ways to defeat the virus — lessons every child should learn.”

— Sherrye Henry, American political advisor, radio personality

“Set in the beautiful highlands of southern Uganda surrounding Twesige Jackson Kaguri’s acclaimed Nyaka School, Sitwe Joseph Fights Covid is filled with valuable lessons befitting of our times—the importance of education, the need to respect our elders, and the time-honored African tradition of valuing the group and community over the self-centered interests of individuals. The endearing story of Sitwe Joseph Fights Covid offers parents and educators a valuable platform to discuss Covid-19 safety but also a myriad of public health and social dilemmas facing our world’s most valuable resource—our children. An engaging and inspiring must-read for children and adults alike!”

— Garrett Turke Author of American Shoes: A Refugee’s Story

Sitwe Joseph Fights COVID is an excellent book full of tools to catalyze great conversations among children. The book is relatable, relevant, and set in the realities of the Ugandan children. I think this book would help children learn that trying new things can be scary, but when they try and succeed, they overcome the fear that holds them back. My favorite part is that the book tactically introduces stories about the Pandemic by introducing the key concepts in the local language. Kaguri is an excellent writer who weaved local and global concepts into thrilling and educative text. I would recommend this book for use in the national curriculum to reach millions of Ugandan children.”

— Rehmah Kasule, Leader in Gender Communications, Entrepreneur and Innovator


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by Susan Cambigue Tracey

Actress, Blythe Danner, says Emergence is “a brilliant lesson in living life with creativity and joy.  Susan is a standard bearer for women of all ages.

Emergence – A Woman’s Life through Poetry and Motion is a graphic memoir that tells the author’s life story from her early years into her 80s. Poems range from charming ditties about a beloved rag doll and the skillset for a trapeze artist, to sad stories of the death of a child, and the author’s own cancer. Through colorful and compelling photographs, the reader is treated to a bit of Americana that gets lost in this age of technology. You won’t find Digital Nomads, but you will encounter generations of people living their lives in joy and creativity.

No matter your age, whether you wish to revisit earlier days, are curious about your own future or that of your friends and family, Emergence has something to offer everyone. The party never has to end, though sometimes tears do flow. Join the author and celebrate your own life “through Poetry and Motion.”


SUSAN CAMBIGUE TRACEY – an all around artist – has been a ShiftPoetry member for the last two years. In workshops she has told much of her life story and at some point dug into a trove of poems she wrote as a youngster. She has married her poetry into a sustained piece.

While working with ShiftPoetry mentor Howard Kern they jointly decided to add photos and some illustrations to the book. What has resulted is physically beautiful, entertaining, wise and empowering volume.


To order call or text (310) 800-0440 or email and write in subject line  “ShiftPoetry book order.”