On 1.21.21, we launched 21 For 2021 – The ShiftPoetry Challenge.  The Challenge is an invitation for all to participate in a healthy serving of ShiftPoetry.  The Challenge is free-of-charge.

Sign up for 21 For 2021 – The ShiftPoetry Challenge:

Gain access to 21 Prompts, custom-written for this Challenge.

Read each prompt (aka scenario) and then write freely and poetically in response.

Each prompt triggers different emotions and sensibilities.

Replicate the ShiftPoetry experience –

find a quiet place to read each prompt

take 10 minutes to write poetically and from the heart whatever comes to mind.

There are no judgments, no rules, just valuable self-expression.

Whatever you write is perfect as long as it is honest and heartfelt.

Each person who completes their 21 ShiftPoems will have the opportunity to purchase five (5) beautifully bound, custom-printed copies of their finished work for a total of $212.10 plus shipping and handling. Each publication will include a photograph of the author plus a biography or other personal statements.  Additional copies available for purchase.

There is no deadline, but at the very least, complete the Challenge by the end of 2021, and you’ll have a lovely, thoughtful holiday gift to give to your friends and family.

To participate, provide your name and email address. [Click here to sign up]

If you’re new to ShiftPoetry, we welcome you to our community. If you’re a regular ShiftPoet, this is another opportunity to enjoy the rewards of the ShiftPoetry experience. [For More About ShiftPoetry]

21 for 2021 – The ShiftPoetry Challenge is a powerful way to bring a positive focus to this new decade.  We cannot change the past, but we all have the innate ability to live and write our own best future.

ShiftPoetry has become a welcome outlet for many, both for self-exploration and expression of deep feelings — through prompted writing.  ShiftPoetry is accessible through live workshops, Zoom sessions, published anthologies/workbooks, and one-on-one coaching sessions.  The workshops gave rise to our two published anthologies of ShiftPoetry works — ShiftPoetry in the Time of COVID-19 and Poetry Without Pants.  Both books include poems written by our community during ShiftPoetry Zoom sessions.  The inviting blank pages included in each book allow readers to create their own poems in response to prompted scenarios.