Interracial Group Of Babies And Toddlers Under Rainbow Stock Photo ...

How lovely it would be to live in a world where the insides counted more than the outsides,

Where people could just be themselves,

Where there are no more divides,

Just beautiful luscious connections,

We all start out that way,

Loved and loving,

But as we grow,

We change,

We are put into boxes,

Boys to the right girls to the left,

From short to tall,

We segregate each other based upon religions created by our ancestors,

What was wrong with the days of innocence?

Why do we cry over spilled milk?

But barely blink over mortal wounds,

We all used to only know love,

Life has changed us,

But deep within each one of us,

Lies a color-blind child wanting only to love and be loved.

(c) Howard Kern May 29, 2020