Prisoner released from prison - In Public Safety
For some people, second chances are real.

Every day represents a new beginning; in essence, a second chance. We can continue to be the same person as we were the prior days or we can look to improve.

I watched a movie titled “Bob the Street Cat.” It was about a man who overcame his addiction thanks to the love and companionship of a stray cat named “Bob.” Bob was a beautiful orange cat. I had one when I was younger. I named mine “Tanto” in honor of the movie “Harry and Tanto.” That also was about a cat saving a person’s life.

Animals are wonderful in terms of helping us to be better people. But sometimes we don’t have the benefit of a Bob or a Tanto to help us be the best version of ourselves. Have no fear, you still can be your own hero.

In life, we often are faced with choices. Next time you are given options, think about which option will lead you to a better version of yourself. Or better yet, if you are blessed with a pet that loves you, think about which choice will help you to manifest the person your pet sees you as.

We are perfect in our own imperfect way. However, everyone can be better and we are given a lifetime to be the best version of ourselves. Second chances are a gift. However, every moment we are given a second chance.

There is no limit to what any of us is capable of achieving. Rather than fretting over what you don’t have, celebrate all your good fortune and share it. Pets are always ready and willing recipients of love. But don’t stop there, share the love with people also. And if there is someone in your life that has disappointed you, that’s life. Rise above the occasion, give that person a second chance, even if you’ve done so a million times before.

Live, love, laugh, and most importantly, shift your life to the life you aspire to. Don’t fret, write.