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Curiosity isn’t just for the dogs

Do you remember when you used to hunt for hidden treasure? Or walking by the dilapidated house and sharing stories about murder and mystery? Do you remember the days when you would go on road trips without a watch or destination in mind? Do you still have that sense of adventure that was always with you as a youth? Who are you today? When was the last time you asked yourself that question?

Getting old is not the same thing as rotting. Fruits rot. People mature. We are all like fine wines. We get better with age. However we forget that and instead just focus on the wrinkle lines.

Next time you look into the mirror and see wrinkles, change the narrative. Think of those wrinkles as a map of past adventures. The trip outside the country. The road trip across the country. The time you went to Burning Man. You fill in the blanks. Each of us is the leading actor, director, and editor of our own life stories. Make yours a blockbuster.

And instead of dreading more wrinkles, welcome them. Start seeing them as mementos of past adventures. And while you’re at it, stop planning and just start doing. Write your opus. Sing because you’re happy. Hop, skip, and jump. Allow the inner child in you to take the wheel and lead you to limitless potential. You are amazing. You just may not know it. Smile. Brighten your day. Share your smile with others so that they too can have their hearts illuminated and bask in your glory