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We Can Do Better

We live in strange times. Our country is literally plagued by a pandemic. A majority of the population supports Black Lives Matter. And we have a President that is more concerned with people’s perception of him than he is with the sanctity of human life.

It is easy to retreat and say “it’s not my problem.” But then the problem grows. Every day people literally risk their lives in pursuit of “justice for all.” Our President shouts out to White Supremacists. He has taken over Voice of America and replaced non-Partisan professionals with people that support his agenda. America is not great now nor has it ever been. We are a country founded on bloodshed and we continue to draw blood from those who oppose the politics in power. This has to change.

Black Lives Matter finally has opened all our eyes to the indecency of the United States. The Coronavirus exposes black lives to higher risks because of the health risks associated with poverty. We, as a country, need to do better.

Trump will stand in front of his adoring fans and demonize all those people who oppose him. Hitler did the same thing as have all autocrats. We must stand up for Democracy.

Healthcare for all has to be a priority. Obamacare is a good start. It should not be dismantled. It should be built upon.

Trump and others like him have no regard for any interests other than their own. We need to elect people that will represent all of us. People have been enjoying more freedom of expression because happiness is a stronger motivation than outdated religious edicts. Trump has focused on attacking people like immigrants and the LBGTQ community to pander to people that are afraid that America will become a home of depravity and not a Christian enclave. People have no right in a free society to dictate how other people think or act.

We must do better than we are doing right now. We need to support the protesters. We also need to recognize that masks are a symbol of respect for human life and we all need to wear them to protect each other. We do not have to give into ignorance. We need to respect the science and not listen to people that think its a good idea to ingest Lysol.

Bullies never belong. Bullying is inevitable in schoolyards, but there is no place for it in the White House . “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is the Golden Rule. Let’s all follow it so that humanity, regardless of race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation, can all be one step closer to happiness. Fear is always present but Love is the real gift.