We are ShiftPoetry™.  I am Howard Kern and my partner is Barbara Ligeti.   ShiftPoetry™ is all about writing yourself from dark to light.  We like to focus on the positives, and we all know we could use some positive. 

It’s not about saying things because they sound good.  It’s about being your authentic self.  Humans are incredibly resilient.  And if you’re reading this, you are human and ergo resilient.

My ancestors survived the Diaspora and the Holocaust lest I forget 40 years wandering around the desert.  Your ancestors may have done the same or survived Slavery or all the other atrocities that are part of human history.   Regardless, you got this.  You and I come from a long line of survivors.

This pandemic sucks.  But we will get through it.  Wearing a mask blows, or does it?  No need to shave or go for Botox.  You can even get cool masks to reflect your different moods.

One day the world will open up and isolation will be behind us.   But don’t waste your breath waiting.   Read a book.   Go on a hike.  Live your life.  Smile.  That always makes me feel better. You, me, everyone, we all are perfect, “perfectly imperfect” that is. 

Welcome to my life.

Welcome to ShiftPoetry™.