George Washington Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
“i cannot tell a lie…”

We live in a world where honesty is encouraged and anything short is disparaged. However, the truth is that the only person that we need to be honest with is ourselves. Other people will tell you what you need to do or say. It is none of their business. If they are unhappy with what you say, that is their problem.

As former cave-dwellers, our strongest instinct is “survival.” Each of us needs to do what feels right, including how much we share with other people. Somebody will always disagree with the choices you make. If you say too much; you are being vulnerable and someone will say, “TMI,” “too much information.” If you say too little, you will be called a liar. Don’t listen to other people’s voices. You need to share as much or as little of yourself as you feel comfortable with. By not sharing everything, you are not a coward; you are a “human being,” perfectly imperfect.

Like they say on airplanes, take care of yourself first before you take care of other people. This is true at 35,000 feet and it is equally true at sea level. Be honest, always, to the person who counts the most, YOU. What other people think of you is none of your business.