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Most people fail to realize that we all are billionaires.  Each one of us possesses billions of individual moments that are priceless.  Money comes and goes.  When the stock market is up, we feel rich.  When it is down, we feel poorer.  However nothing has changed.  We still have the same treasure trove of memories.  We are told that money makes you rich.  However, the old adage is true, namely, “you can’t take it with you.”

When you are looking at your life, don’t judge it in a way that minimizes your self-worth.  We all are unique individuals and we all have something special that we provide to the world.  The majority of us will never be billionaires in the monetary sense, but are valuable nonetheless.  If someone tells you otherwise, don’t listen.  You are priceless.  

In life, we are offered many roads to travel.  Choose the ones that give you the most happiness.  You deserve it.