Read to fill your heart and intellect – and write in the ShiftPoetry(tm) way to improve your life one stanza at a time!!

We at ShiftPoetry(tm) recommend a new free app called Blinkist”. On a daily basis this app offers self-help and human condition literature culled from thousands of books, distilled to a 15 minute read. In ShiftPoetry(tm), as our 11 year old friend Lucy says, we “write from the heart – not for art” – but that doesn’t mean you cannot get posted, published, shared with community. A great way to exercise your writing chops is to be a reader. Blinkist is a great tool to flex your writing muscles by offering quality reads each day.

And remember go to our “store” on this website, get our new book, SHIFTPOETRY(tm) IN THE TIME OR COVID-19, pick a prompt from the workbook section, write (there is room in the book to make entries) and then share with community. The whole process will take you 15 minutes and will shift you to a better place. Take 15 minutes to shift!! Which is the name of the ShiftPoetry(tm) parent company – 15 MINUTES TO SHIFT!!