Clipart student listening, Clipart student listening Transparent ...
Quiet, I ‘m trying to listen.

When we were children, many of us may have thrown tantrums because we didn’t get our way when older people failed to hear us. However, even if we didn’t get what we wanted, somehow we were okay if we felt like we were heard. Black people in America have not been heard for centuries. Many come from a lineage of slaves that were taken from their home country and brought over to serve White America. In 400 years, blacks are still asked to serve White America without being treated as equals. In those 400 years, there have been very few uprisings. Today we are witnessing a peaceful uprising.

It is beautiful to watch people of all different races, genders, and ages coming together to stand with Black Americans and say enough is enough. There are too many injustices that are suffered by Black people just because they are black. All these injustices ultimately need to be addressed. The one that is on the top of the list is “Safety.” Black People should be able to feel safe when there are police present and not feel endangered.

We are a culture that has believed in punishment and retribution and not compassion and rehabilitation. That has to change if we are going to allow all people to advance in this country. The current protests have led to a dialogue which is focused on redistributing public funds away from police and jails and into community services that will benefit minority communities and provide an opportunity to escape the pandemic of poverty. Black Lives Matter.

Below is a poem that I wrote in honor of the memory of George Floyd and the other black men and women that have been unjustifiably murdered by our police force. Hopefully one day President Trump will either hear the cries of others or relinguish his throne to a President that understands that “We The People…” means all the people.

You Heard Me; I Finally Hear You

There is protesting in the Streets,

Police are getting arrested for bad behavior,

And their brothers are quitting in protest,

Right is elusive,

We also are dying from a pandemic that won’t quit,

The country is looking for leadership,

People want to be heard,

But the White House,

The People’s House is boarded up,

The President cannot be bothered,

His response to peaceful protests,

“Law and Order,”

Maybe he is referring to the TV show,

Who knows what he is referring to,

He ignores the cries of the People,

He hides in bunkers rather than listen to the millions of distressed voices,

We all are hurting,

But right now we have to give another group its turn,

You have listened to me,

And thankfully,

I finally hear you,

Black Lives Matter. 

© Howard Kern June 5, 2020