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Take the lead in your life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Shift

Do you have problems in a relationship? Shift

Do you want to go faster, but you are afraid? Shift

Change is never easy, but it often is essential. Think about your greatest accomplishments in life. How many of them were easy? Probably none. Greatness comes from effort. If you want to improve your life, you have to work at it.

ShiftPoetry(TM) is about improving your life through writing. It sometimes is difficult to be honest, but when you are, the rewards are priceless. If you see something broken, you fix it, right? However, sometimes something is broken, but we can’t see it. “Black Lives Matter” is dealing with a broken police system that really only was exposed because of smartphones, starting in LA and continuing throughout the US. But when it comes to our hearts, no smartphone can get there. That’s where honesty becomes important.

We go to doctors when we’re not feeling well, but doctors mostly only look where you tell them to. They also don’t really deal with emotional wounds. Therapists do, but again, they look to each of us to “honestly” tell them what is bothering us. Instead of always calling on a third-party, why not heal yourself? Be honest about what is bothering you, and shift. Get out of the slow lane and start enjoying life to its fullest. You can be the best person for you if you stop listening to the negative voices and start loving yourself. “To thine own self be true.”